Egypt jails TikTok women influencers over 'indecent' content

im????The verdict against Haneen Hossam, Mowada al-Adham and three others came after they posted videos on the app.

    . They started at 1 pm (Cairo time) & will continue through the day to raise attention ahead of 2 expected verdicts this week for 3 Egyptian female TikTok users: Haneen Hosam & Mawada El-Adham (7/27) & Manar Samy (7/29).

    - Mai El-Sadany (@maitelsadany)

    A was also launched on demanding the release of theinfluencers with more than 1500 signatures.

    "We are a group of women calling on state authorities to stop targeting women on call on the National Council for Women to provide legal support for Haneen Hossam, Mawada El-Adham, Menna AbdelAziz, Sherry Hanem, Nora Hesham, Manar Samy, Reenad Emad, Hadeer Hady, and Bassant Mohamed," the petition said.

    Egypt has cracked down in recent years on female singers and dancers for online content deemed too racy or suggestive.

    Last month, an Egyptian court sentenced belly dancer Sama al-Masry to three years for inciting "debauchery" on social media after posting a TikTok dance video.

    In 2018, a female singer was detained for "incitement to debauchery" after an online video clip which included sensual dance moves went viral.

    The previous year, a female pop singer was sentenced to two years in prison on similar charges, also for a video deemed provocative. Her sentence was reduced to a year on appeal.

    "The charges of spreading debauchery or violating family values are very loose ... and its definition is broad," said Saeed.

    Egypt has, in recent years, enforced strict internet controls through laws allowing authorities to block websites deemed a threat to national security and to monitor personal social media accounts with more than 5,000 followers.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies