Prominent Pakistani journalist free after day-long disappearance

im????Government said Matiullah Jan, known for his criticism of Pakistan's powerful military, was kidnapped outside a school.

    , whose family confirms that he has gone .

    - Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (@HRCP87)

    Last year, an Al Jazeera investigation uncovered a sustained campaign of censorship through widespread distribution disruptions and intimidation in Pakistan, allegedly committed by Pakistan's military and civilian governments.

    im????On Tuesday, prominent Pakistani news show host Hamid Mir told Al Jazeera that a segment of his nightly show that reported on Jan's abduction was "censored" before broadcast without explanation.

    im????Jan, known for his outspoken political commentary, had become increasingly critical of Prime Minister Khan's government since 2018, when he resigned from hosting a news television talk show on Waqt News.

    He has also singled out the country's military, which has directly ruled the country for roughly half of its 73-year history since independence, for particular criticism, often using tongue-in-cheek YouTube videos to poke fun at senior military and civilian officials.

    Last week, the country's Supreme Court issued a contempt of court notice to Jan over a tweet in which he had criticised the judiciary.

    Asad Hashim is Al Jazeera's digital correspondent in Pakistan. He tweets @AsadHashim

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News