Haftar rejects GNA's call for Libya ceasefire

LNA dismisses ceasefire announcement as 'marketing' stunt, says GNA is planning a Turkish-backed offensive on Sirte.

    im????Meanwhile on Saturday, Libya's High Council of State, an advisory body to the GNA,vehemently rejected any dialogue withHaftar.

    In a statement, it underlined the need to seriously work to end the "state of insurgency" in the country through an immediate ceasefire and the need to enable the government to take control over all of Libyan soil.

    "Any dialogue or agreement should be under the Libyan political agreement, which regulated the mechanism of dialogue to be only between elected bodies," it added.

    With Haftar loyalists blocking oil facilities in the country in recent months, the council also called for resuming the production and export of oil - Libya's main source of income - and holding those responsible for the closure of the facilities accountable.

    Libyasplintered into rival political and armed groupings after the uprising that toppled and killed longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

    The oil-rich country remains deeply divided between factions based in the east and west that back rival governments andparliaments.

    im????The conflict has become an arena for regional rivalries, with Haftar being supported by Egypt, Russia and the United Arab Emirates and the GNA having the backing of Turkey and Qatar.

    There has been little fighting since June. In the past, both sides have accused each other of quickly violating truces and using them to rearm.

    Will Libya's latest ceasefire bring peace?

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    Will Libya's latest ceasefire bring peace?

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies