Japan PM Abe reassures on health after second hospital visit

im????Country's longest-serving prime minister says wants to do his best amid concern coronavirus crisis aggravating health.

    im????Diet and stress are thought to aggravate the condition.

    Speculation about Abe's health comes as he faces renewed pressure over his government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and declining public support. A poll published on Sunday by the Kyodo news agency found the approval rating for his cabinet at just 36 percent, the second lowest level since his second term began in 2012.

    The prime minister's office did not give a detailed explanation of his hospital visit last week, but Health Minister Katsunobu Kato, a close aide, said it was a regular check-up and he was "not at all" worried about Abe's health.

    Abe gets a regular check-up twice a year, with his most recent on June 13, the Kyodo news agency said, adding that last week's visit was a follow-up to the June check-up, citing a hospital source.

    Akira Amari, another Abe confidante and chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's tax panel, said that Abe, 65, could be suffering from fatigue because of his continuous work over the response to the virus.

    SOURCE: Reuters news agency